PA Games has been in business for well over 60 years and we continue to grow every single day.  The reason we are constantly growing is because we put our customers first.

We don’t just put our direct customers first, we put our customer’s customers first as well.  That is why we create more custom games than any other company in the country.  We are constantly making new games and bringing in new varieties of payouts and new names.

Our History

We started out in the carnival industry prior to the 1950’s and we grew to become the largest carnival supply provider on the entire east coast of the United States.  While we were thriving over in the carnival industry, we saw an opportunity in the small games of chance industry as well.

We decided to begin providing private clubs with their charitable gaming ticket needs before it was an even widely accepted product here in PA.  As the small games of chance tickets were very new to Pennsylvania, the carnival industry was slowly declining.  Nobody was volunteering anymore to help raise money for the organizations hosting these carnivals and video games came on to the scene so kids weren’t interested in carnivals like they used to be.

Luckily we had Alan Yesser, who had been learning the gambling industry in Las Vegas for over a decade, and he decided to begin building the gambling side of the business in the early 90’s.

Fast forward 10 years later and we are one of the largest small games of chance distributors in the country, both wholesaling to hundreds of different distributors around the country and local clubs here in central PA.

Why PA Games?

We say why not PA Games?

Okay, all jokes aside, we are here for you!  We carry one of the largest inventories of pull tabs, jar tickets, seal cards, punchboards, chip tickets, bingo paper and daubers, tip boards, cash boards, and more in the entire country.  We also carry ticket machines and we maintain them as well.

That means we are able to ship to you, drop off, or have you pick up exactly what you need the same day you order or usually the next.  We have customers that call up and order 100 different games and we will send them one of each within 24 hours.  We also provide all of our clubs top notch service by delivering to them every single week, usually with new games if they request them.

Most of our tickets are also custom payouts and custom artwork.  That means we offer almost all exclusive games here so you aren’t getting the cookie cutter games you will find everywhere else.  We also make custom games for our customers so if you have an idea or a game you want that is custom to your club or organization, let us know and we will discuss the details with you so you can have a one of a kind game that represents you.

The best thing for you to do is to give us a call today so we can answer any of your questions and help your organization make more money with our unique tickets and amazing variety.


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