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Welcome to the PA Games website, your leading provider of pull tabs, jar tickets, punch boards, bingo tickets, seal cards, and many more small games of chance and charitable gaming tickets.

The fact is, raising money for your nonprofit organization or your private club is not the easiest thing to do anymore.  The carnival business has died and getting volunteers to help is far and few between these days.  Selling subs, having car washes, and selling candy is definitely one way that you can go but we are here to tell you that there is a better way.

Small Games of Chance, also known as Charitable Gaming, is taking the world by storm and we are here to provide you with the support, the games, and the guidance to help your organization to make more money than ever before.

Whether you are a distributor looking to help other nonprofit organizations, a private club, a bingo hall, or a tavern, we have exactly what you need to raise money.

Offering small games of chance may be new to you.  That is why we have our fundraising consultants ready to guide you through the process every step of the way.  Make sure you give us a call today so we can help you get started!

Some of the products we carry are:

  • Pull Tabs (aka Break Opens, Pop Opens, etc)
  • Jar Tickets (aka Fish Bowls, etc)
  • Meat Boards (Tip Boards)
  • Punchboards
  • Bingo Supplies (Paper, Daubers, and More)
  • Seal Cards

We have become one of the largest charitable gaming distributors in the country because we have the largest variety of games and we have the most unique games with our extensive list of exclusive pull tabs that you cannot buy anywhere else.

Finding that perfect game for your club or organization can be a daunting task if you aren’t working with the right distributor.  We take pride in helping you out and matching you up with the perfect combo of games that will drive more profits into your pockets, while keeping your players excited to keep coming back for more.

We handle small orders, large orders, and everything in between.  We also manufacture some of our own products so we can truly handle any order that comes in.  Just give us a call today and we will match you up with one of our fundraising specialists that will guide you through the entire process if you are brand new.  If you are a seasoned distributor looking for some more options to add to your arsenal of games to sell, give us a call and we will help you out.

We deliver to our local retail accounts and we ship all over the United States.  We do not ship to every state due to license requirements so call us and we will let you know if we are selling in your area.  Give us a call at 717-238-1701 today!

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